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AirBnB is one of the largest franchises in the hospitality industry. The company has been around for a number of years now and is one of the popular ways for people who are traveling to get accommodation and other travel related services. While most of their accommodations are great and the customers are treated with decency, there are some experiences that customers receive, leaving them wondering a lot about the company. The company does have measures in place to ensure that quality is upheld, and these include having complains phone lines. However, there are times that even when the complaints are launched, customers are left wondering if the company is really interested in upholding their service quality. Below is a review of some of the major AirBNB complaints from their past customers. Phone AIrBNB customer services now.

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One of the areas that raise major complains with the AirBnB customers is their refund policy. Most of the times, the policy in itself is not the issue, it is the way circumstances leading to the cancellation are handled. For instance, there are customers who complain that specific details about the houses or other accommodation types they are booking are not usually specified. For instance, the booking office might deliberately fail to mention that the house is a shared accommodation plan. When the customer who wants privacy launches a complaint, they will want to withdraw their booking and the end result will be the customer service refusing to make a complete refund. While refund policies exist for the best of the business, there are certain circumstances, especially when the company is the one at fault, when they should consider making exceptions to the rule.

Failure to address customer complaints - AirBNB contact number may be the way to go

At certain times, customers will make bookings in cities that are miles away from their homes. After making the bookings, the company will inform them that they cannot make a cancellation within 7 days of travel. Then, on arriving at the place, they could find out that the place is near a factory, nightclub or other place where it is impossible to get a peaceful period of relaxation. Then, when the said customer launches a formal complaint, they will be informed that the company has a very clear set of rule governing their refund policy. This leaves the customer with one choice, to look for another accommodation and pay from their pocket, or to try their best and withstand the noise or other distraction that is making the venue uncomfortable for them.

Making charges against the will of the customers - should I call AirBNB?

Think of a situation where the customer goes online to look for AirBnB accommodation, when they find a house and make a booking, the owner gets back at them and informs them that they made a mistake in the pricing and that it should be more than what the customer is to pay. To start with, that should be wrong because it amounts to false advertising. Well, as if that is not enough, the customer gets a hold of the AirBNB phone number and launches a complaint about the issue. Instead of addressing the change in pricing, the customer service keeps quiet about the issue. Then, later the customer realizes that they were charged at the new rate that the owner of the accommodation fixed after the first agreement. This leaves the customer feeling betrayed and confused and to make matters even worse, the company’s customer care goes completely quiet about the whole issue.

Untrustworthy hosts in some countries - contact AirBNB customer services immediately

Customers usually think that the easiest way to deal with issues concerning the company which is hosting them is getting the AirBNB helpline AirBNB UK. Well, there are times when this does not help at all. One of the cases that this has been proven to be true is a customer who experienced very untrustworthy people in Cuba. Traveling to a new country, especially where the language is different can be quite challenging. When the prospect of having the host lie to you about a non-existent accommodation comes to mind, you get extremely wary. Customers have been through situations that included houses not being ready, and being told that alternate housing arrangements were being made, only to discover the hosts aren’t being truthful. The worst part is that not many of them will agree to make the refund. They alternate accommodation arrangements can greatly compromise the health, safety and comfort of the traveler, especially in places like Cuba. AirBnB should at least put in measures to ensure that their hosts are being truthful when they sign up to the program.

Those are just three of the AirBnB complaints that have been launched in the past. It is possible that there are many other cases that are worse, but weren’t reported because the customers did not have the correct AirBNB contact number. There are certain measures that the company should take to ensure that their customer service improves. The first should be making sure that all their channels through which customers make complaints are open. In addition to the AirBNB phone number, the company has a website and email addresses where complaints can be launched. The improvement that needs to be done include making sure they read the complaints often and act accordingly.

When it comes to the delicate service of providing accommodation, AirBnB service platform was genius. However, the issues that are coming up are an indication that the expansion is catching the management team flat footed. There is need to make more efforts to make things better for the company. In addition to this, the customers also need to perform their due diligence before getting into a deal. For instance, most of them state that they read positive reviews before making a booking, but perhaps it is possible to make further investigations before committing. Also, demanding for refunds when the policy is clear will hardly bear any fruits. If possible, look for people that have used an accommodation, talk to them in person and find out what they have to say before booking.

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