Mothercare contact number – 0870 218 0692 is one of the leading online outlets for mothers looking for quality childcare items in the UK. Some of the products offered by mother UK are clothing, toys, car seats and carriers as well as furniture. Customers can place their orders on Mothercare UK at the comfort of their homes and expect a delivery right on their doorstep. As it is the custom for any online business, hiccups in the delivery of services and goods are inevitable. Clients are able to access Mothercare customer services in case of a complaint or follow-up. Mothercare UK has many provisions on how a customer can reach them either via email, phone or their social media platforms.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Mothercare directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Mothercare DepartmentContact Number
Mothercare Head Office0344 875 5222
Mothercare Customer Services0344 875 5222

Mothercare UK has provided their clients with a fast and efficient means of contacting them via phone. Clients with urgent complaints or queries tend to contact their sellers via phone as opposed to email and social. The reason for this is that the client is able to get a direct response from the customer care representatives without having to wait for hours or even days for a response through email. For some issues that do not need a direct response or not of an urgent nature, clients prefer to use emails and social media platforms as they are relatively cheap and detailed. For clients that need to contact Mothercare for a speedy feedback can contact them via Mothercare’s helpline 0344 875 5222. Mothercare helpline is accessible from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and 9am to 5pm on Sundays.

How to call Mothercare​

There are various reasons that clients use Mothercare phone number. Some of the clients may contact Mothercare customer services to check on the status of the order received and the expected arrival period. Other clients may use Mothercare customer services to lodge a complaint for bad services or goods received. When Mothercare dispatches goods for delivery to their client, there is a possibility of damage to the goods due to mishandling by the courier services used. During such a time, a client is likely to receive damaged goods that cannot serve the intended purpose of the. As a result the client is obliged to use Mothercare contact number and describe the status of the received goods. Depending on the nature of the damaged goods, the client can contact Mothercare customer services for a refund or delivery of a better quality item.

Clients may also contact Mothercare customer services in instances where their goods were not delivered on time. In such cases where there was a delay in delivery of items, the client may no longer be in need of the item delivered and hence a refund is inexorable. An expectant mother for example may order an item from Mothercare UK that she needs to use during pregnancy. However, due to the late delivery of the ordered item, the ordered item may reach the mother when she has already delivered. In some occurrences, clients have placed orders with Mothercare UK for infant clothing meant for a certain season like winter only for the clothing to reach them when the season is over or almost over. Infants grow faster than adults and the clothes cannot be used in the next season due to their small size. Such items cannot serve the intended purpose of their purchase and the need to call Mothercare phone number arises for a refund.

Many clients have also used Mothercare contact number after receiving low quality items that cannot be used by infants. Some of these complaints calls for an urgent attention and contacting Mothercare UK via email or social media platforms may take a lot of time for an action to be taken. It's therefore important to call Mothercare phone number so as to get an instant response on the way forward.

Mothercare Customer Services - how to call them, what to do when you get connected

Mothercare UK has provided alternate means from phone number that clients can use to access Mothercare customer services. Some clients may opt to contact Mothercare via email or on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Clients may use the above communication platforms when the inquiry is not of an urgent nature. However, Mothercare receives orders from clients from different nationalities. Some of these clients are able to communicate solely through writing as opposed to phone calls due to language barrier.

Mothercare UK has provided email and social platforms where a client is able to get a response within two hours. Mothercare Twitter handle ( and facebook page ( are accessible across the globe. As a result, clients that make orders while in the UK but decide to travel can still connect with Mothercare UK on facebook and Twitter and check on their purchases. More so, clients lodging complaints via facebook or twitter are also likely to come across posts from clients that had a similar complaint to theirs. This creates a forum where dissatisfied customers share their experience with Mothercare UK and the response they got from Mothercare customer services.

Speaking to the team from Mothercare - dealing with your phone call to the Mothercare contact number

Clients rant on Mothercare UK facebook and twitter accounts about receiving low quality products like faulty car seats for their children and the bad customer services received after lodging their complaints. As opposed to clients that need a refund for faulty items, some need after-sales service from Mothercare UK to repair their items. However, their experience seems to be no different from the clients that have contacted Mothercare UK directly via phone.

Mothercare UK's clients have also taken to social media when they feel that their complaints are not attended to privately via email or phone. This move acts as a wake-up call for Mothercare customer services representatives to address the issue in public or risk losing a considerable number of potential clients that come across negative reviews on social media prior to making their first orders. Basically, the majority of clients that contact Mothercare customer services either via phone, email or social media platforms are compelled to do so after receiving low quality products or delays in the delivery of their purchased products from the online store.

Mothercare Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
8am - 6pm
8am - 6pm
8am - 6pm
8am - 6pm
8am - 6pm

Mothercare Head Office contact postal address

Cherry Tree Road
WD24 6SH

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Parcelforce contact number – 0870 218 0699

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