If you’re anything like us then you’ll have been in the situation where you really need to call the plumber, the garage or just try to find the number for your bank. But you’ll not have a clue as to what their number is. Well, this is where we can step in to help you out.

Customer Service Guide is the perfect solution to your problems. We have all the numbers you could ever need to remember and we have them all ready and waiting for you. Our directory covers every trade and profession you could ever think of and a few that you never would.

We make it as easy as it can be to get hold of the business you need to speak to. If you can think of a trade we will have their number and be able to connect you to them.

We are also able to help you find a local business or tradesperson.

You might have just moved into a new house and need to find a local and trusted electrician or a painter. At the touch of a button, we can recommend someone, who not only works in your local area but it will be someone who has been tested and reviewed. Our referral process is designed to ensure that you are put through to a tradesperson you will want to use time and time again.

Why would you waste your time trawling through hundreds of different businesses, trying to find one who is local and then trying to see if they are any good. We can take all the hassle and stress out of the whole situation.

Trust us to help you, just as thousands of people have done and do everyday. If we connect you through to a local craftsman or business, you know that you are getting the right person for the right job.

Customer Service Guide are your one-stop solution when you simply need to find a number or when you need to find a trusted, local business.

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